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    New Construction Homes

    New Construction HVAC Installation in NC & VA

    Choosing the right HVAC for your new construction home is a matter of finding the heating and cooling systems that fit the needs of your family. Depending on the size of the home, you may want to consider a custom HVAC system installed by the heating and cooling professionals at Bell Cow.

    Bell Cow HVAC experts have the knowledge to help you make informed, energy-conscious decisions when it comes to air conditioners, furnaces, and ductwork in your new construction home. As it is always in the homeowner’s best interest to have matters resolved before the home is completed, we will provide helpful advice and quickly execute all installation procedures.

    In addition, it is important to know that Bell Cow engineers every new heating and air conditioning system according to the guidelines published in ACCA Manual J. This ensures that the capacity of the equipment will precisely match your home’s load requirements even in the most extreme weather and reduces HVAC repair, maintenance and utility costs. Bell Cow only offers equipment recommendations after running a full set of load calculations.

    When we are done, your new construction home will have HVAC that is:

    • Reliable
    • Efficient
    • Customized to your needs
    • Backed by an 18-month warranty
    • Finance-eligible

    Call Bell Cow in the Triangle or Sandhills regions of North Carolina, as well as Hampton Roads or Richmond, Virginia today to learn more about HVAC installations in your new construction home. Dial (844) 234-2355 or complete our contact form to schedule your free estimate today!

    New Construction Home HVAC Options

    When selecting heating and cooling equipment, there is a variety of choices. Depending on structural challenges, performance expectations and fuel options, there are a number of systems designed to address those needs.

    1. Split Air Conditioners: In new construction applications, homeowners looking for low noise and high efficiency usually choose to install a split system air conditioner. The air handler or furnace is placed inside the garage, basement or a dedicated mechanical closet and the condenser unit is placed outdoors to reduce noise levels.
    2. Package Units: Packages are available in straight cool, gas-electric and heat pump configurations and include a condenser and air handler in a single enclosure. They are designed primarily for rooftop applications when ground space is unavailable, or the unit might be subject to possible damage.
    3. Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are most appropriate for areas where the climate rarely falls into freezing temperatures. A heat pump operates using a reversing valve so the refrigerant can flow in either direction. This allows a heat pump to heat and cool from a single unit.
    4. Furnaces: Furnace models are offered in natural gas, fuel oil and propane varieties. A natural gas furnace is the most common and inexpensive heating appliance, and delivery is available in most metropolitan areas. Propane furnaces are most often used in rural locations where natural gas is not available.

    Call Bell Cow today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about HVAC in your new home!