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    Toilet Repair & Replacement

    Toilet Repair & Installation

    Whether your toilet is leaking, clogged, or overflowing, the best course of action is always to contact a professional. Act fast and call the experts at Bell Cow at (844) 234-2355 to perform necessary toilet repairs today.

    Although many homeowners would rather try to “fix” the issue themselves, when it comes to home plumbing, you can never be too careful. Bell Cow has some of the most experienced plumbers in North Carolina’s Triangle and Sandhills, as well as Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia. When you call one of our plumbers, you can bet on fast, certified service to arrive shortly.

    Bell Cow routinely performs repairs on:

    1. Running toilets
    2. Clogged toilets
    3. Leaks
    4. Flushing problems
    5. Excessive noise
    6. Worn parts/hardware
    7. Cracks

    Clogged toilets and toilets that run constantly are some of the most common issues we experience. If you find yourself plunging your toilet excessively, it could be a sign of other issues, like:

    • Clog in the trap
    • Broken flapper
    • Major malfunction in a sewer line
    • Corroded flush valve
    • Failure within the piping

    Many of these issues aren’t serious, but they require the expertise of a skilled plumber. Bell Cow can perform these toilet repairs quickly and efficiently, while offering preventative advice.

    Contact Bell Cow today about our plumbing maintenance plan, which can save you up to 15% on future plumbing repairs. Our maintenance plans also insure proper functionality of all your toilets thorough an annual inspection.

    Toilet Replacement & Installation

    Replacing toilets is a good idea for homeowners looking for updated, efficient bathrooms. Newer toilets use less than half the amount of water as older ones while maintaining the same level of flushing power. A newer toilet can also freshen the design of a bathroom.

    If you are experiencing other issues in your home’s bathrooms, explore Bell Cows bathtub/shower repair services, as well as our professional sink repair offerings.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re mopping up the floor, call Bell Cow for quick, professional toilet repair and installation services today!