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    Backflow Water Testing

    Backflow testing is an essential procedure for the maintenance of good, clean drinking water in homes. North Carolina homeowners can rely on Bell Cow plumbers for professional backflow testing, ensuring that their families enjoy quality drinking water.

    Backflow usually occurs in one of two ways:

    1. Excess pressure building in a pipe from the water source.
    2. A lack of pressure at the supply point (such as a water main break).

    Pressure drops can happen when a pipe leaks, a water main breaks, or a nearby hydrant is used. Without effective backflow protection, contaminants can make their way into your home’s water. Residents are exposed to unpleasant and potentially dangerous contaminants like:

    • Soaps
    • Pesticides
    • Herbicides
    • Other environmental contaminants

    If you have not had your home’s backflow valve or preventer tested recently, call the experts at Bell Cow today. Our plumbers have given homeowners peace of mind throughout the Triangle and Sandhills regions of NC for over 30 years. Call (844) 234-2355 today!

    Backflow Preventers for all Water Systems

    Bell Cow can test and replace backflow valves/preventers for homes using all types of water systems. Our services are designed to help homeowners prevent incidents, because whether your home is on a singular sourced water system, or you are part of a community system, risks caused by water backflow remain.

    Bell Cow has the expertise to diagnose, repair, and install new and existing backflow systems. In addition, we are specifically certified to perform backflow testing at regular intervals to ensure your current backflow system is operating effectively. Whether you have an irrigation system that connects to the water supply, or a pool that is supplied from your water system, backflow testing is a critical component to the safety of your water.

    Call Bell Cow today or fill out a quick contact form for backflow testing or other plumbing emergency services!