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    HVAC Inspections in Raleigh-Durham & Virginia

    Have your HVAC inspected at least once a year by Bell Cow to maintain its effectiveness and avoid any lingering issues that may turn into costly damages. Bell Cow HVAC technicians perform inspections on:

    1. Air conditioners
    2. Furnaces/heat pumps
    3. Home air filters/purifiers
    4. Ductwork

    Homeowners throughout the Triangle and Sandhills regions of North Carolina, as well as Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia rely on our HVAC inspection team for honest, helpful advice. By opting to have your AC unit or furnace inspected by a professional, you may end up saving time and costs in the long run on nagging repairs. Call us today at (844) 234-2355 to schedule an HVAC inspection in your home today!

    Inspections for Air Conditioners & Furnaces

    Prepare for upcoming seasons by having your air conditioner or furnace inspected before it’s time to rely on it for your family’s comfort. Call Bell Cow’s  emergency service team for assistance on any HVAC issue you may suspect in your home. Our inspection may cover some or all of the following:

    1. Air filters. Although they are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, air filters have a tremendous impact on your home’s air quality and HVAC effectiveness.
    2. Ducts. Professional examination of your home’s ductwork will let you know if there are leaks or blockages keeping air from flowing as it should.
    3. Mechanicals. From air conditioner compressors to furnace combustion units, the many moving parts within your home’s HVAC can sometimes malfunction.

    Trust Bell Cow with your home’s HVAC and you will live to see more comfortable days ahead! Call or complete a contact form today to learn more and schedule your appointment.