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    Electrical Surge Protection

    Commercial Power Surge Protectors

    Protecting against dangerous power surges is something many business owners neglect until it is simply too late. If your commercial property is not already protected against lightning and major surges, call Bell Cow Service Company at (844) 234-2355 immediately.

    Bell Cow provides surge protection solutions and installation services to defend electrical components from power surges. With the frequency of hurricanes, lightning and thunderstorms in the Triangle and Sandhill areas of North Carolina along with Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia, business owners need to protect against power surges, which can often result in costly damages.

    Did you know:

    • Many insurance policies don’t cover losses that are the result of a power surge.
    • Many insurance companies give a discount for buildings that have surge protectors.
    • The average commercial building experiences over 20 energy spikes a day.
    • Surge protectors can help electrical equipment last up to 30% longer.
    • Electrical equipment can be damaged by a lightning strike that occurs up to a mile away!

    Perhaps the most valuable fact of all is that you can get peace of mind without a huge expense. Bell Cow makes surge protection affordable for all customers.

    Protect your Business During a Power Surge

    Bell Cow’s experienced electricians only recommend surge suppressors that business owners can count on for everything between minor power surges and major outages.

    Bell Cow installs commercial surge protectors from leading brands, like:

    1. Eaton
    2. Tripp Lite
    3. Belkin

    These products feature:

    • Automatic recovery
    • Low insertion loss
    • Shielded enclosures
    • Diagnostic lights

    While not every commercial building is the same, all require surge protection against natural power surges. Investing in surge suppression is relatively inexpensive and incredibly valuable. Before you experience an electrical emergency at your workplace, call the team at Bell Cow today!