High-Pressure Water Jetting

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    Plumbing Services

    At Bell Cow we use a state of the art hydro-jetting machine to remove buildup and other matter from pipes in an efficient, economical, and environmentally-conscious manner. Our hydro-jetting machine has a pressurized head attached to the end of a heavy duty hose that shoots out water at 3,000 psi or roughly 12 gallons per minute. This pressure and volume of water can easily displace impurities and other items that would typically be tough to remove. The hydro-jetter we employ at Bell Cow has the ability to send water both up the pipe or down the pipe, depending on where the issue is located.

    High pressure water jetting is the ultimate solution to the long-term buildup of foreign matter in the sewer lines of commercial businesses and residential homes. While cable machines are good for solid obstructions and minor tree roots, a high-pressure water jet has a much wider range of potential, including:
    • Removal of organic sludge built up over time
    • The ability to break up, dissolve, and clear large grease deposits
    • Demolish large roots that a cable machine is incapable of removing
    • Descaling the interior walls of pipes
    • Flushing and completely removing contents in a drain

    Maintaining optimal drainage can be critical to a business or household. At Bell Cow, we recommend recurring drain-jetting for commercial customers that experience frequent drainage issues or businesses that expel a high volume of organic matter down a pipe. A recurring jetting plan will ensure that pipes remain unclogged and your business can continue to operate as usual.