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    Sewer Lines

    Main Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

    Repairing a sewer line effectively is an invaluable service for homeowners. No one is happy to find out their sewer line is damaged or needs replacement, but when you count on Bell Cow, the process is as smooth as possible. Our professional sewer line repair technicians have the experience to not only control any damage, but prevent it from happening again in the future.

    Throughout our 30+ year history repairing sewer lines throughout the Triangle and Sandhills regions of North Carolina, our plumbers have seen nearly every cause of sewer problems, like:

    1. Rusted sewer line pipes that crack from natural wear and tear.
    2. Tree roots growing into sewer lines, causing blockages and damage.
    3. Mineral/waste deposits that block water flow and can lead to flooding.

    To avoid the extensive damage that can happen from a broken or backed up sewer line, call Bell Cow at (844) 234-2355. Our emergency plumbers are available to help you in your moment of need.

    Sewer Line Repairs Performed by Bell Cow

    Upon receiving your service call, a Bell Cow certified plumber will report to your home and perform an initial sewer line inspection. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may advise a repair plan that includes:

    1. Replacing sewer line systems that are cracked/beyond simple repair.
    2. Sealing joints between leaking sewer pipes to assist in flood prevention.
    3. Replacing “bellied” sections of a sewer pipe that have sunken in the soil and created a reservoir of waste.
    4. Flushing sewer pipes that show signs of grease/waste blockages.
    5. Removing tree roots that have grown into pipes and reinforce sewer with new piping.

    Although many homeowners will get a headache just thinking about having their sewer repaired, we want to take the pressure off and make it easy. Our financing options make repairs affordable to most budgets and we offer 15% off for those who have signed a plumbing maintenance agreement. No plumbing repair is pleasant, but by calling Bell Cow for semi-annual sewer line inspections, you can get ahead of potential issues. Contact us today or call now for emergency repairs!