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    Sinks & Faucets

    North Carolina Sink & Faucet Repair

    Repairing a faucet or sink itself is often a matter of clearing a clogged drain. However, after over 30 years of repairing every make and model of sink and faucet in the Triangle or Sandhills, we can say that there are many more common problems. Bell Cow is your reliable local plumber and sink repair expert—from quick fixes to structural repair, we do it all.

    Many homeowners eventually notice hair or soap scum accumulating in their sinks. When not immediately remedied, the stopper or drain may become obstructed. As any homeowner will know, clogged drains aren’t the only problems that can plague bathroom sinks and faucets.

    Additional issues often repaired by Bell Cow plumbers include:

    • Seal leaks
    • Low water pressure
    • Loose valves
    • Dripping faucets
    • Cracks or chips in vanity
    • Leaking drains

    All of these issues are common and easy to deal with when handled early. By calling Bell Cow at (844) 234-2355 upon first noticing a problem, you can avoid more serious issues caused by leaks, like structural damage. Don’t get milked by your water bill either! A properly-repaired sink, faucet, or bathtub will eliminate leaks and cut back on water waste.

    Replacement Faucets With Watertight Seal

    Bell Cow plumbers perform repairs on faucets and will replace them with new hardware when necessary. By replacing your sink or faucet with a new, watertight model, you stand to improve your bathroom in design and function. Call Bell Cow today and ask about a plumbing maintenance agreement—a surefire way to save big on sink and faucet repairs.

    A plumbing maintenance agreement includes:


    • Professional inspection of all sinks and faucets for proper functionality.
    • 15% discount offer on all sink and faucet repairs.


    In many cases, the existing sink that is causing a problem is no longer efficient. Choosing a new sink recommended by Bell Cow could save you money and headaches by cutting down on your water usage without you even knowing it. If the problem is related to the appearance of a cracked or damaged vanity, Bell Cow can offer replacement options and installation services for a variety of bathroom fixtures.

    Whether you need a repair or replacement for your bathroom sink or faucet, a Bell Cow plumber has a solution for you! Call now or complete our short contact form to get in touch with North Carolina’s new leader in comfort!