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    Electrical Upgrades

    Electrical Upgrades to Panels and More

    Upgrades to electrical panels and other systems throughout a home at some point become a necessity. Whether you live in an older home with an outdated electrical system or your new home isn’t sufficiently covering your household’s needs, consider an upgrade. Homeowners will notice dramatic improvements to efficiency and safety by simply upgrading essential systems like:

    • Electrical panels
    • Circuitry
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Appliances

    Our certified electricians will perform a thorough inspection of your home’s current panel and circuit system and then provide recommendations on upgrade solutions that fit the electrical needs of your home. When you choose Bell Cow, know that your family benefits from decades of experience and knowledge of the latest industry technology.

    Protect your home from possible electrical malfunctions that can cause fire and damage. Schedule an electrical inspection with the certified local electricians at Bell Cow today! Simply call 844-234-2355 or complete our online contact form.

    Our team of professional technicians are available to service the the Triangle and Sandhills areas of North Carolina, along with Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia.

    Panels & Other Upgrades Performed

    An electrical panel is the point at which power reaches a home from the utility provider. Upgrading one’s electrical panel is the best way to ensure the home is using its electricity efficiently, and every appliance and system within the home receives the energy it needs to function properly. While electrical repairs can be performed on outdated or faulty panels, a full upgrade is often the best course of action.

    Panels can become obsolete as they age and the power demands throughout a home change. Bell Cow advises homeowners to get their electrical panel upgraded when:

    • Breakers trip frequently
    • Fuses are blown often
    • There is corrosion or rust present on the breakers or panel
    • Appliances are running inefficiently or without full power
    • Lights flicker throughout the home
    • There has recently been a major home remodel
    • New appliances have been installed
    • A large home addition was recently completed

    In addition to electrical panel upgrades, Bell Cow also provides homeowners with many other essential electrical devices like:

    1. Child-proof outlets
    2. Surge protectors
    3. GFCI outlets
    4. Light switches
    5. Ceiling fans
    6. Interior and exterior lighting

    Have you begun to wonder about the efficiency of your home’s electrical systems? Call Bell Cow to upgrade today!