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    Commercial Electrical Inspections & Testing

    Commercial properties should receive regular electrical inspections to prevent accidents, loss of energy, and malfunctioning power systems. Bell Cow Service Company provides this valuable service to businesses throughout North Carolina’s Triangle and Sandhills regions, as well as Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia.

    For small businesses and industrial properties alike, maintaining a safe electrical system is a critical part of keeping employees and customers safe, as well as creating a professional environment. Bell Cow will create a inspection checklist catered to your specific property, which may include:

    Avoiding potential electrical hazards in the workplace is something every business hopes to achieve. To achieve better electrical safety at your commercial property, call Bell Cow at (844) 234-2355.

    What to Expect from an Electrical Inspection

    Bell Cow performs electrical inspections throughout North Carolina and Virginia for businesses in an assortment of industries; although most inspections cover a core checklist, they may differ depending on your space.

    During your electrical inspection, you can expect one of Bell Cow’s certified electricians to check for:

    1. Faulty electrical equipment
    2. Overloaded power strips or outlets
    3. Signs of smoke/heat damage
    4. Properly functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    5. Flickering/weak lighting
    6. Potential fire hazards
    7. Damaged cabling or wiring
    8. Surge protectors

    Despite the best efforts of many business owners, electrical fires can happen as the result of very small issues. Bell Cow’s electricians are trained to detect these issues and provide professional recommendations on how to quickly solve them. Should your inspection shed light on necessary electrical repairs or upgrades, you need look no further than Bell Cow.

    Contact us today to schedule your on-site commercial electrical inspection!