Heat Pumps

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    Compared to conventional heating solutions – like gas and electric – heat pumps are not just efficient but can also lower your energy bill. They are designed to pump heat out of your home or building on hot days and draw heat from the outside to keep you warm on cold days. By moving existing heat rather than generating it, heat pumps cut down on total energy usage.

    A few benefits to going with a heat pump to heat and cool your home – other than the savings on your energy bill, include rebate incentives from your local power company as well as producing less greenhouse gas emissions than electric, natural gas and propane heating systems.

    When deciding on a heat pump, it’s important to know the types available and consider which would be a good fit for your home or building. Bell Cow can assess and assist in helping choose the right heat pump system according to your needs.

    If you already have a heat pump, Bell Cow offers service and maintenance to repair and prolong the life and efficiency of your unit.

    Contact the comfort specialists at Bell Cow today for more information on heat pump installation, repair and maintenance.

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