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    Indoor Air Quality

    The Truth About lndoor Air Quality
    According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside our homes is often two to five times more polluted than the outside air. As home and building designs continue to reduce the exchange of indoor/outdoor air with more energy efficient structures, the concentrations of VOCs, pathogens, odors, mold and fungus spores tend to increase while the air ion concentrations, necessary for healthy lives, are significantly reduced. Poor indoor air quality in buildings has become so prevalent that the associated side-effects and illness have been classified as “Sick Building Syndrome.” Symptoms can include: 

    • Sore throat
    • Cold or flu-like symptoms
    • Fatigue
    • Dry, itchy & tired eyes
    • Headaches• Short-term memory issues
    • Dry throat
    • Rashes/itches
    • Coughs/sneezes
    • Blocked and/or runny nose
    • Concentration problems
    • Depression/pessimism/irritability

    Introducing Phenomenal Aire™
    Phenomenal Aire™ produces healthy ions replicating the same positive and negative ions found abundantly in nature. The ions produced by Phenomenal Aire™ are encapsulated within the duct work of a home or commercial office building’s HVAC system and improve Indoor Air Quality by:
    • Killing Viruses
    • Killing Bacteria
    • Killing Mold Spores
    • Killing Fungus Spores
    • Eliminating Allergens
    • Eliminating Odors
    • Eliminating Odors
    • Breaking Down VOCs  (volatile organic compounds)
    • Clustering particles in the air, making them larger for more effective filtration
    • Reduce & eliminate static electricity in the environment
    • Eliminating Allergens

    Seasonal Allergies
    Phenomenal Aire™ works to make sure that sufferers of seasonal allergies can breathe freely in the comfort of their homes and while at work.

    Helping To Make Pet Ownership Possible
    Phenomenal Aire™ cleans the air within your home naturally and safely and may offer the ability to make pet ownership the enjoyable experience it was meant to be! 

    What Is That Smell?
    Phenomenal Aire™ units destroy bacteria and mold. In a recent residential application in Charleston, South Carolina, Phenomenal Aire™ was installed to address Dirty Sock Syndrome (smell emanating from HVAC system). The odor was eliminated in the home and Phenomenal Aire™ continues to ensure a clean, odor-free, ion-rich living environment for the homeowner.

    Phenomenal Aire™ cleans air naturally and safely. There are no harmful side-effects produced during the ionization process. Unlike other air purification technologies, Phenomenal Aire™ has no detectable traces of ozone associated with its process.

    Call Bell Cow Service Company today and start breathing cleaner air – naturally.

    A Word About Viruses…

    Viruses can generally be categorized into three groups by virus structure. This affects the effectiveness of disinfectants in killing the viruses.

    • Enveloped viruses are easiest to kill (ex. Influenza A Virus)
    • Large, non-enveloped viruses are more difficult to kill (ex.Rotavirus)
    • Small, non-enveloped viruses are hardest to kill (ex. Rhinovirus and Norovirus)

    Coronoaviruses (COVID-19) are enveloped viruses, meaning they are one of the easiest types of viruses to kill with the appropriate product. Top Product Innovations’ cold plasma generation technology, Phenomenal Aire, has a documented kill rate on Norovirus of 93.5%  in 30 minutes. Microbiologists have suggested that the Phenomenal Aire product line has the potential to kill Coronavirus at a higher rate.

    Because COVID-19 is currently unavailable for testing purposes, no company can make a verified medical claim of being able to effectively kill the virus. However, Phenomenal Aire™ has verified test results and kill rates for similar viruses and many other pathogens.