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    Electrical Inspections in NC & VA Homes

    Although most homeowners generally practice good electrical safety, a professional electrical inspection is the only way to make sure a home’s electrical components are safe, efficient and effective to use. Bell Cow Service Company specializes in quality electrical inspections to verify the safety and effectiveness of all electrical components throughout a home.

    By eliminating small, seemingly harmless hazards, you can take the first step to having a safer, more energy-efficient home. Call your local electrician at Bell Cow today for a safety inspection of your home in the Triangle and Sandhills regions of North Carolina, as well as Hampton Roads and Richmond Virginia.

    An electrical safety inspection from Bell Cow will include:

    • A detailed checklist of inspected items and areas that need improvement.
    • Repair/update recommendations.
    • Information from the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) on common electrical safety
    • standards in residential properties.

    To learn more or schedule an electrical safety inspection, get in touch with us today by calling (844) 234-2355 or completing our contact form.

    Safety Inspection Recommendations

    Bell Cow recommends scheduling an electrical inspection if:

    1. You have moved into a new home.
    2. Your home is several decades old.
    3. You have recently completed a major renovation.

    Your Bell Cow electrician will perform a thorough, detailed inspection of:

    Even seemingly small electrical issues can cause accidents resulting in residential electrical fires. Careful examination of these key components to your home’s electrical system will ensure that no faulty light switch, frayed electrical cord, or loose wire will cause a fire in your home.

    If you are experiencing an electrical emergency in your home, call Bell Cow immediately. We offer 24-hour emergency services to help customers when accidents happen at the worst possible times. Prepare your home today to avoid dangerous issues tomorrow!