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    Backup Standby Generators

    Commercial Generator Installation

    Commercial generators provide backup power for businesses during outages, storms, and other emergency situations. Bell Cow Service Company installs backup generators with expertise you can count on for your commercial property. Instead of losing out on working hours or wasting valuable resources, like inventory, contact the certified professionals at Bell Cow by calling (844) 234-2355 today.

    Bell Cow installs the latest generators at businesses of all types throughout North Carolina’s Triangle and Sandhills regions, as well as Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia. Our customers have come to depend on us for standby generators that:

    1. Automatically turn on in the event of an outage and automatically shut off when regular power is restored.
    2. Run on propane or natural gas, eliminating the need for you to personally refuel the unit.
    3. Are powerful enough to support all electrical systems within your business, like: air conditioning, computer systems, security systems, and more.

    Commercial standby generators are essential, especially for businesses throughout North Carolina and Virginia that can be vulnerable to storms during hurricane season. Already have a generator? Call Bell Cow for an inspection or regular repair call. We will make sure your generator is working at maximum efficiency.

    Does my Business Need a Backup Generator?

    The short answer is yes. Backup generators not only ensure that your lights stay on, your A/C stays cool, and your security cameras continue to work, they let customers know that you can be depended on.

    As a locally operated company, Bell Cow understands the impact a power outage can have on small businesses. That negative impact is multiplied for large businesses. By installing and servicing commercial generators throughout our region, we hope to create a safer, more reliable working environment for all.

    Consider what a commercial standby generator can do for you:

    • Prevent sales gaps at times when competitors may be operating at full power.
    • Adapt to your power needs. Bell Cow can install generators of any sizes for every kind of commercial space.
    • Maintain the status quo without requiring any work on your part.

    Prepare your business and employees for any natural disaster or power outage—call Bell Cow Service Company for your commercial backup generator today.