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    Professional Drain Cleaning

    Drain Cleaning Service in the Triangle & Sandhills

    Professional drain cleaning is a service that can truly be appreciated by all. Although many people use home remedies, Bell Cow’s expert drain cleaning techniques are unparalleled in effectiveness. If you have been nagged by a stubborn, slow-draining kitchen sink, shower, or floor drain, call Bell Cow today at (844) 234-2355.

    Our team of certified plumbing professionals will unclog and clean your drains using the latest technology and time-tested techniques, effective against buildup of:

    • Grease
    • Soap
    • Hair
    • Other items

    When a clogged drain is so severe that there is little to no water movement, only a Bell Cow plumber can get the job done. Homeowners throughout the Triangle and Sandhills in NC have all benefited from a Bell Cow drain cleaning. Contact us today for professional cleaning that preserves your pipes and gets the water moving again!

    Drains Cleaned by Bell Cow Plumbers

    Bell Cow plumbers are experts at cleaning drains effectively and thoroughly to not only improve water flow, but to prevent future damage, as well. A nasty clog in a floor drain may work its way through your home’s plumbing to a water line or other vulnerable area.

    We will perform an extensive inspection of the area, and service the most critical area, which may include:

    • Kitchen drains:  Many fixtures in the kitchen are dependent on functional plumbing, including: the garbage disposal, dishwasher, ice-maker, and faucets. Food and cooking materials often clog kitchen sink drains, causing them to backup. Bell Cow has just the expertise to get your sink back to draining like new!
    • Bathroom drains:  Soap, toothpaste, and hair can turn a fully-functional bathroom drain into a clogged reservoir. The last thing anyone wants is an unpleasant, flooded shower. Call on the professionals at Bell Cow to clear your bathroom drains and restore functionality!
    • Floor Drains:  Floor drains, commonly found in basements, garages, and laundry rooms, are used to drain standing water. Often, sediment, debris, and building matter becomes trapped in these drains. We can clear your floor drain and leave you with tips on how to keep it clear in the future!

    In addition to professional drain cleaning from Bell Cow, there are a number of steps a home or business owner can take to prevent future clogs. We suggest:

    1. Using the garbage disposal to break up items in a kitchen sink.
    2. Using a strainer to prevent items from getting into your drain.

    Call Bell Cow today to inquire about a drain cleaning, or to receive additional information on a Bell Cow Plumbing maintenance package that includes routine drain service.