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    Foundation Repair Services

    Substructure & Foundation Repair Services

    Structural repairs are one of the least desired, yet most important services homeowners may need. Fixing substructure, including sub-flooring and other wooden components is critical to the structural integrity of your home. Bell Cow Service Company is fully insured and experienced in all substructure repairs due to insect or moisture damage.

    Call us today at (844) 234-2355 for service in North Carolina’s Triangle and Sandhills regions or Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia.

    Not sure if you have a substructure problem? Look for the signs of an issue:

    • Cracks in flooring or walls.
    • Doors that suddenly no longer close properly or fit.
    • Sagging/slanted flooring.
    • Gaps around windows, cabinets, or countertops.

    Why Substructure Needs to be Repaired

    When substructure/foundation issues in your home are not addressed, problems can add up and expand into other areas, like cabinetry and windows. Most damage homeowners come across is a result of:

    1. Moisture — plumbing leaks and condensation can weaken a foundation.
    2. Insects — insects like termites, beetles, and carpenter ants can wreak havoc on wooden substructure.
    3. Fungi — wood-destroying fungi is a side effect of leaks and moisture build-up.

    The challenge in repairing a foundation or substructure is that space is limited and gaining access to the source of the problem can be tricky. For this reason, it is important to partner with a home improvement company well-versed in waterproof foundations, foundation crack repair, and more. If you live in North Carolina or Virginia, the choice is clear—Bell Cow Service Company.

    Our technicians will inspect the property and perform necessary repairs on your foundation and substructure, which includes:

    • Joists
    • Girders
    • Sill Plates
    • Bands or Headers
    • Sub-Flooring
    • Knee Walls

    Most importantly, don’t get milked by the other guys! Call Bell Cow and benefit from a home improvement finance plan that works within your budget. Contact us today to get started.