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    Heating & Cooling

    Commercial HVAC Installation & Replacement

    Commercial HVAC systems maintain comfort within businesses, keeping employees happy and production up. If your business has not replaced its HVAC system in many years and is suffering from poor heating/cooling, call Bell Cow Service Company today. Our certified technicians can help keep your customers and employees comfortable with the installation of a new air conditioner or complete HVAC system.

    Serving North Carolina’s Triangle and Sandhills regions, as well as Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia, Bell Cow is equipped to install:

    1. Commercial rooftop HVAC systems
    2. Indoor/outdoor split HVAC systems
    3. Ductless heating and cooling systems

    Every commercial property is unique; by partnering with Bell Cow, you ensure that no matter the size or dimensions of your business, it will be heated and cooled to maximum efficiency. Call us in North Carolina or Virginia today at (844) 234-2355 to get started.

    Advantages of a Bell Cow Commercial HVAC System

    We realize that for a lot businesses, proper HVAC is not only a matter of comfort, but productivity as well. For manufacturing facilities and warehouses, the summer months can be brutal on employees—having a faulty air conditioning system will only hinder the company’s success. Bell Cow takes this into account when installing new HVAC systems.

    When you meet with us for a consultation, we will take every measure to ensure:

    • Your new HVAC system is designed specifically for your commercial property, maximizing energy efficiency.
    • Ongoing service/maintenance is detailed, providing you with a transparent outlook on the future of your HVAC system.
    • You learn the ins and outs of commercial air conditioning, from retrofits/upfits to backup power supply.

    Bell Cow HVAC technicians are prepared to replace HVAC components and full systems at all times. If you have begun to question the quality of your commercial property’s air conditioning, contact us today in North Carolina or Virginia!