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    Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

    Commercial Lighting Installations

    Installing new lighting in a commercial space is often a matter of making the business more safe, efficient, and inviting. Bell Cow Service Company has the electricians to not only install new commercial light fixtures, but help you come up with a design that benefits you in more ways than one.

    By installing new lighting, your business will:

    1. Encourage sales by displaying products properly
    2. Save on energy costs, thanks to energy-efficient light fixtures
    3. Make better use of security systems that depend on cameras and motion-activated lighting

    Call Bell Cow in North Carolina’s Triangle or Sandhills regions today at (844) 234-2355. We also proudly serve businesses throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia.

    Commercial Indoor Lighting

    Indoor lighting is a critical component to the customer’s experience. With an upgraded indoor lighting system from Bell Cow, you stand to improve the look of your business and the way customers interact with products. Some of our commercial indoor lighting services include:

    • Replacing or repairing lighting fixtures
    • Upgrading fixtures to energy-efficient models
    • Testing power quality

    From recessed and track lighting to fluorescent lamps and LED lighting, we can install and service it all.

    Commercial Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting is perhaps one of the best ways for businesses to discourage trespassers and portray themselves positively. Bell Cow will perform installations, repairs, and maintenance on outdoor lighting such as:

    • Parking garage lighting
    • Landscape lighting
    • Motion detector lighting
    • Pole and post lighting
    • Athletic field lighting
    • Emergency exit and security signs
    • Street lights

    Additionally, Bell Cow installs commercial backup generators that will power your business in the event of an outage. Ready to revamp the look of your commercial space? Contact Bell Cow in North Carolina or Virginia today.