5 Tips for Your Attic Drop-Down Staircase Replacement

We all have stuff that we can’t get rid of but don’t want sitting in the corner of the family room either—family heirlooms, beloved pictures your kids drew in 1st grade, and those tools that you never use but always say you will. So where do you put it all? If you have an attic, you’re in luck! Learn how a VA and NC home improvement professional can help you.

Attics are the perfect place for things that need to get tucked away but still remain accessible. And if you have an attic staircase, it’s even easier to store items up there. But what happens when your drop-down staircase gets old and needs to be replaced? With the right information and possibly some help from NC and VA home improvement professionals, it doesn’t have to be just another thing you add to your home improvement to-do list.

Measure the Attic Space to Ensure Nothing Will Block the Stairs

Before you start shopping for a new attic staircase or ladder, it’s important to understand the space available in your attic. Measure the area from floor to ceiling and take into account any roof slopes or other obstacles that could impact the installation. With this information, you can ensure that you pick a staircase with enough clearance for anyone using it to go up and down without any issues.

Ask a Friend for Help (or a VA and NC Home Improvement Specialist)

There are lots of moving parts when installing an attic staircase, not to mention the weight of the unit itself. It’s not an activity you want to tackle on your own, so ask a friend or family member for assistance with the project. You’ll avoid any potential injury and get it done twice as fast.

Keep the Stairs Easily Accessible

When shopping for a new staircase, pay attention to how it opens and closes. You’ll want one that is easy to access and has safety features like anti-slip steps or a locking mechanism when not in use. Consider the amount of space you have available for the stairs to open up as well—the last thing you want is something so cumbersome that you can’t move around it.

If you aren’t sure what type of staircase is best, ask an NC home improvement specialist and they can help.

Don’t Open Your New Stairs Before the Installation

It’s simpler to keep your new set of stairs packaged until prompted by the instructions to open them. If you don’t, you could lose pieces or tools, damage the stairs, or have a harder time installing them when the time comes.

Your unit will usually be held together with a zip tie. Leave the tie in place until your stairs are fully installed. If you remove the tie, the stairs could unfold and hurt someone.

Add Secondary Supports

Extra support is always a good idea. Adding support beams or other reinforcements will ensure that your stairs remain secure and don’t collapse under the weight of multiple people accessing them at once.

By following these five tips, you can ensure that your attic drop-down staircase replacement is safe and secure for years to come. And while we’re all for DIY, there are a few things—based on skill level and potential dangers—that will save you time and money if done by an NC and VA home improvement professional. 

For you, that might be an attic staircase replacement! Know your skill level and what you have time for before starting a home improvement project.

Quick and Easy VA and NC Home Improvement With Bell Cow Services

If you don’t have the time or tools to do a project like this, you can still get it done in no time. Our team at Bell Cow Services offers quality home improvement services with quick turnaround times. From stairwell installations to roof repairs and more, we can handle it all so you don’t have to! 

We have over 50 years of experience in NC and VA home improvement, and if you need financing options, we can work that out too. All you have to do is let us know what kind of service you need and we’ll work together to take care of it for you. Schedule an appointment today!