How to Find the Right Plumber to Repipe Your Home

With a hefty price tag and invasive process, repiping your home is not a decision you’ll want to make on the fly. It takes a bit of research and plenty of time to find the best plumber for the job. If you’ve been considering a repiping job for your home, take a look at some of our tips before you hire someone.

Know What You Need

While a professional will be the person to give you all the details, you’ll be better prepared to find the right plumber if you have an idea of what you have and what you want. Have your pipes been having problems? What kind? Do you have galvanized pipes? Are you working on any sort of deadline?

Maybe the house has renters and you need the job done quickly and efficiently. Knowing the details of your situation will better help you communicate with potential plumbers, and they’ll know how to properly assess your home’s needs.

There are three different kinds of pipes that you could use for your new and improved plumbing: copper, CPVC, and PEX. Here are some pros and cons of each!

  • Copper: known for its durability but can be expensive
  • CPVC: usually a cheaper option, but not as sturdy
  • PEX: more flexible and cost-effective

If you know your budget (which we’ll talk about in a minute), you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when you get all the information from your plumber.

Since you decided that you’re going to go through with repiping, you’ve probably been thinking, what is all of this going to cost me? Home Advisor says to prepare for anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000, with the average price being $7,500. It’ll depend on the size of your house, the pipe you go with, and how difficult it is for the plumber to access everything.

Do Your Research

When it comes to something as important as repiping, you want a professional you can trust. Don’t just go with the first plumber you come across on Google. Look for reviews, ask around, and even go as far as checking their license (which they should have no problem showing to you).

Consider the company’s experience with repiping specifically. Not all plumbers are comfortable or qualified to do a repiping job, so make sure the one you choose has plenty of experience in that specific area.

Get References and Quotes

Once you have a few plumbers in mind, ask for references and quotes. This will give you a better idea of their price range and reputation among previous clients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the process, materials they plan on using, timeframe, etc. This is a big job and you want to make sure everything is done correctly.

Make sure that you get a full quote before confirming them for the job. Things can definitely change once they start (who knows what surprises are in those old pipes from the 40s!) but you should get a more detailed breakdown of the costs, rather than just an estimate.

Remember Their Customer Service

There’s nothing quite like that gut feeling you get when meeting and working with someone. If they treat you with respect, patiently answer all your questions, and feel comfortable having them in your home,  chances are they’ll treat your pipes with the same care and attention.

Repiping can be a long and stressful process, but finding the right plumber will make it much smoother. 

Expert Plumbing and Service with Bell Cow

Repiping is one of those once-in-a-lifetime home renovations, but a good plumber can take that weight off your shoulders. It doesn’t matter if your job is big or small—we’ll walk you through all your options, be honest in our pricing, and leave your home just like we found it (with the exception of brand-new, perfect pipes). 
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