10 Tips for Home AC Maintenance

There are some things all humans dread. Going back to work on Monday, being out of chocolate, and running for exercise—just to name a few. There may be arguments on some of those, but no one will argue the fact that a broken AC is a miserable position to be in. The good news? There are some things you can do to avoid that unfortunate circumstance at all costs simply by doing some home AC maintenance.

Ten Tips To Help Maintain Your AC:

Create a Maintenance Checklist

One of the best ways to take care of your AC from home is to stay organized. Create a checklist of maintenance tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. This will help ensure you stay on top of all the necessary steps to keep your AC in tip-top shape.

Get a Yearly Tune-Up

A tune-up from a professional technician can help keep your AC running smoothly all year round. During the tune-up, they will check for worn parts and make any necessary repairs or replacements. Several important HVAC parts normally show signs of failing, so replacing these parts on a tune-up will prevent a complete breakdown during the hottest parts of summer.

Your technician will also inspect the system to ensure it is operating efficiently. This is a small step but one that makes a huge difference in your home AC maintenance. Skipping yearly check-ups can often lead to more issues down the road and more expensive repairs.

Clean or Replace Your Filters Regularly

Filters are an essential part of your AC system, so it’s important to keep them clean and replace them as necessary. Clogged or dirty filters can restrict the airflow and cause your system to run inefficiently. If you want to do wonders for your AC unit, your home AC maintenance checklist needs to include replacing your air filters at least every three months, more often if you have pets or people with allergies living in the home.

Check for Leaks

Leaky ductwork can be a major source of energy loss in your home and can also cause costly damage to your AC system. Inspect all the ductwork regularly for any signs of leaks or deterioration. If you do find a leak, it’s important to have it fixed as soon as possible. In the case of a leak, call in a technician to get it fixed properly.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can help you save on energy costs by allowing you to set the temperature of your home according to when you’re away or sleeping. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to raise or lower temperatures depending on the time of day, and they also allow for more precise control over your AC unit. In sum, save money and go smart, all with more ease.

Keep the Area Clear

Make sure to keep the area around your AC unit clear. This will help the unit run more efficiently and prevent any debris from clogging up the system. Be sure to trim any trees or bushes that may be blocking airflow around the unit as well. You don’t need the help of a technician to keep your home AC maintenance a-okay on this front.

Monitor Your Energy Bill

This one sometimes raises eyebrows. Most people mindlessly pay their energy bills. You hardly want to peek at the cost sometimes—but, that can lead to some rocky outcomes if you aren’t careful. Just by simply watching for spikes in your energy bill, you can figure out if your AC unit is running too much or inefficiently. If you do notice any strange spikes in your energy bill, it’s a good idea to call in a technician to take a look.

Listen for Weird Sounds

If your AC unit is making any strange noises such as clanking or banging, it could be an indication that something is wrong. It’s best to call a technician right away to diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs.

Visually Inspect Your Unit

While you’re listening for any strange noises, take a few moments to visually inspect the unit. Look for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or fraying wires that could be putting your system at risk. Usually, our eyes and ears combined can tell us if something is amiss. These simple home AC maintenance tips can go a long way in preserving the life of your AC unit and saving you money.

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