5 Ways to Tell Your Foundation Needs Repaired

Being a homeowner is truly a thrill. You finally feel like a real adult! But, that often leads to expensive repairs. One of the most expensive is foundation repair. Often, homeowners don’t realize their foundation needs to be repaired until it’s too late and the problem has become so severe that it will cost a fortune to fix. What can be done? Watch for the signs and act quickly.

What Damages a Foundation?

Foundations are built to last. In fact, most foundations last for many years without any issues. But, there are several key factors that can place stress on a foundation and contribute to the need for repairs.

Typically there are a few things that can lead to significant damage to a foundation; excessive moisture, unruly pests, and fungi all have the potential to cause significant harm to a foundation. Knowing the causes can help you know whether or not your foundation may be at risk. If it is, you can keep your eyes peeled for the signs and act quickly to get your needed foundation repair done.

5 Signs It’s Time For a Foundation Repair

So, you’re in a high-risk foundation situation. What signs do you need to look for? There are five key signs that call for a foundation repair. If you see any of these signs, call a professional and get a second opinion.

Cracks in Stone or Stairs

When the foundation is experiencing moisture, pests, or fungi issues, it will start to buckle and crack. You may see this cracking in stone or stairs near your house; this would be a sign that you need to get a repair ASAP.

Diagonal Wall Cracks

Diagonal wall cracks are often a sign of foundation movement. If you’re noticing cracks in your walls that run along a diagonal, then it’s a good indication that your foundation is not stable and needs to be addressed immediately.

Doors Not Latching

If your doors suddenly stop latching, or if they seem to be sticking a lot, then this could be an indication of foundation settlement. Foundation settlement is when the foundation of your house starts to sink due to soil erosion or water pooling. In wet environments, this is a huge red flag to keep in mind.

Trim or Built-In Furniture Moving

If you have any built-ins or trim around doors and windows, pay attention to them. If they start to move, then it is an indication that your foundation is shifting and needs repairs.

Sagging Floors

Finally, if you have any sagging floors throughout your home, it’s a clear sign that the foundation is settling. This can be caused by both dry and wet conditions so pay close attention to the areas of your house that are prone to water or moisture buildup.

Knowing the signs of a foundation needing repair is essential. If you spot any of the five signs above, it’s time to take action. Don’t wait; contact your local experts.

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