What to Try When Your AC Unit Isn’t Turning On

Ever been in a sauna? After a little while, the hot, steamy air makes you wish for a breath of fresh air and a cold glass of ice water. In North Carolina and Virginia, summers can feel just like a sauna. If your AC Unit isn’t turning on, you might be desperately trying to escape the humid air. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help kick your AC back into gear before calling your AC technician.

Check Your Thermostat

Simply making sure your thermostat is set to “cool” is the first step. Don’t be afraid to turn your thermostat down to a cooler temperature than normal—especially if the summer heat is blazing.

If you are still experiencing extreme heat, you may need to check if the thermostat sensor is no longer working. When a sensor is broken, it may think the room is cooler than it is, and won’t turn on the AC. If that’s the case, it is probably time to call in an AC technician to replace your thermostat.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

To check your circuit breaker, look for a box in one of the rooms near where your outdoor unit is located. In this box, you will find several switches labeled with different appliances such as air conditioning, water heater, and washer. Make sure the air conditioning switch is in the ON position. If all that looks normal, you may need to try resetting your circuit breaker.

Find the Reset Button

Just like a phone that has started malfunctioning, your circuit breaker might need to be reset. Find the reset button on your breaker, and press it for a few seconds before releasing. This should help reboot and restore power to your AC Unit.

If none of those things immediately worked, there could be something interfering with the functioning of your AC unit. Checking how it is being affected by other elements is next on your list.

Is the Condensate Drain Blocked?

Your air conditioner works by extracting moisture from the air, which then drains out of your unit through a pipe. If that pipe is blocked, it will cause the AC to shut down and not turn on again until the blockage has been cleared. Check for any debris or clogs in the line and clear them as necessary.

Try The AC Disconnect Switch

Sometimes it just takes a restart. If all else fails, try locating your AC disconnect switch, which should be near the outdoor unit. Flip this switch off and wait 30 seconds before flipping it back on. This will reset the whole system and should get your AC unit running again in no time.

Call an AC Technician

When your AC unit quits on you during the blazing heat of summer, it’s impossible to be comfortable in your own home. Whether you’ve tried these steps without success or just don’t consider yourself a handyman–it might be time to call in an AC technician.

An AC technician can inspect the unit and let you know what is actually going wrong; Youtube videos are unfortunately lacking in that area. After having concluded the cause of the problem, a professional can help with either maintenance or replacement.

Bell Cow Services: The Handyman in Your Corner

When your AC unit is not turning on, you deserve an AC technician who cares. With over 50 years of combined experience, Bell Cow Services is ready and eager to help. You can expect care, quality assurance, and quick services. You don’t have to suffer through another day in the blazing summer heat when you hire Bell Cow Services. Contact Bell Cow Services to schedule an appointment—it’ll save your summer.